Precision Cycle Works, The Original Detroit Chopper.







Sissy Bar


13” High Sissy Bar fits most 11” and 13” fender.


$120.00 – Raw

$160.00 Powder Coated

$360.00 – Chrome



PCW Butt Bracket

Old School look fits LaPera 13” spring-mounted solo seat. Powder coated flat black or gloss black.




Billet Motor Mount

 Comes with Ignition, Coil Cover and Mount. Easy instalation for the custom builder. Fits most Evo Motors.




Billet Brake Bracket

Right or left side. Uses Wilwood brake calipers.

Wilwood Part No# 120-7737

 $220.00 – Brake

$200.00 - Bracket



PCW Billet Half Moon Brake

 “Snap On” line clamps. Specify ether 41 mm or 45 mm fork tubes.

 $30.00 each


Engine Mount Speedo

 Dakota Digital 3013 model, 2-16” with cup. Fits S&S Evo’s and S&S Shovles. Specify engine style.

 $260.00 – Speedo

$68.00 – Cup

$140.00 Mount




 Need one off spacer, wheel, axle or whatever you desire. CNC machining of billet aluminum  parts. Call for pricing.